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anonymous said 15 years ago

Something to confess? A precious moment to share? Do you have a video you want the world to see but have no one to send it to? iwishicouldshowyou.com is all of your private moments made public.

I Wish I Could Show You is a database of anonymous video messages sent via mobile phone. These videos are snippets of life: confessions, catharsis, love and hate letters, documentaries – anything you want them to be.

During the 2008 Next Wave Festival I Wish I Could Show You will be live and interactive at Horse Bazaar (397 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne) – come see your already posted videos, maybe see someone you know, or participate at the venue.

socks said 15 years ago

Geez I’d hate to be found out!

Ouliposse said 15 years ago

This sounds a bit Miranda July-ish?

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 15 years ago

Big brother, dear-god.net, confessing up to priestly strangers. Little sister?

Does anyone have a mobile with in-phone editing? (eg, shoot two clips, they are automatically pasted together). I think I heard of some mobile java app a few years ago but I don’t know if it was real or just a concept.

I think the videos would work a bit better if it was either confessions or precious moments; not both. When I’m in the mood for perving on confessions, fluffy baby chickens don’t work.

socks said 15 years ago

3G sexoid.