I Wish I Could Show You

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anonymous said 9 years ago

Something to confess? A precious moment to share? Do you have a video you want the world to see but have no one to send it to? iwishicouldshowyou.com is all of your private moments made public.

I Wish I Could Show You is a database of anonymous video messages sent via mobile phone. These videos are snippets of life: confessions, catharsis, love and hate letters, documentaries – anything you want them to be.

During the 2008 Next Wave Festival I Wish I Could Show You will be live and interactive at Horse Bazaar (397 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne) – come see your already posted videos, maybe see someone you know, or participate at the venue.

socks said 9 years ago

Geez I’d hate to be found out!

Ouliposse said 9 years ago

This sounds a bit Miranda July-ish?

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 9 years ago

Big brother, dear-god.net, confessing up to priestly strangers. Little sister?

Does anyone have a mobile with in-phone editing? (eg, shoot two clips, they are automatically pasted together). I think I heard of some mobile java app a few years ago but I don’t know if it was real or just a concept.

I think the videos would work a bit better if it was either confessions or precious moments; not both. When I’m in the mood for perving on confessions, fluffy baby chickens don’t work.

socks said 9 years ago

3G sexoid.