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Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 14 years ago

As Artabase reaches its first birthday (June 08), here’s some stats I’ve been researching…

In our first year 30,000 people in the world viewed the website.

According to Quantcast , you’re a well educated, mature bunch, with higher than average viewers having graduate or post-graduate qualifications.

For 2008 we calculate around 100,000 Galleries and Museums in the world, and 0.2% of these are already have a Gallery profile on Artabase. That’s pretty good for our first year, with little marketing.

Domain tools report 18 Wikipedia pages linking in (thanks! We haven’t been responsible for all of those, I’m glad you find Artabase useful enough to reference).

Based on the current ratio of Artists to Galleries on Artabase we calculate roughly 250,000 Artists in the world, although we’d like to find a more solid reference for that if anyone can recommend one.


failed_artist said 14 years ago

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a 2008 report on Arts and Culture in Australia.