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anonymous said 14 years ago

Hello my Friends of Films & Festivals,
Film Maker, Film Lover, Film Maniacs,
Famous and most often Funny Freaks!

Its time to announce the most artistic sustainable complicated
bureaucratic overwhelming sweaty systematic sleepless &
exhausting audio visual Short Film Competition
that just settles down in Melbourne.

strong style=“color:red;”>The 48 Hour Film Project</strong>

A time-based film competition that challenges you
to make a short film in 48 Hours.

Because it will be heaps of fun, no sleep, a totally unforgettable time – and your film will guaranteed be screened on the Big Screen!

So check out our new & fantastic website <a href=“http://48Melbourne.com.au”>www.48Melbourne.com.au</a> for more detailled information & come next FRIDAY, September 26th to our CREATIVE MARKET at ACMI Function Space.
Thats the chance to find out everything about the 48 Hour Film Project & meet all the other interested film makers.

Bring your masterpieces with you (on ipods or put them online, we have got some wireless connections) and present youself to the others – and possibly form a random team!

See you on FRIDAY!

48HFP Producer

CREATIVE MARKET – Fr 26th SEPACMI Function Space, 7pm
KICK OFF – Fr 24th OCT >> 48 Hours >> DROP OFF – Sun 26th OCT
Mobile 04.21 465 461

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 14 years ago

Lots of awards! How many people are you expecting to participate?

anonymous said 14 years ago

ALL of Melbourne’s Film Makers ;-))

… but spaces are limited for up to 40 teams – it’s up to the teams how many crew they have.

i would love to do a film myself – think its just extraordinary exciting & a total rush of adrenaline !!!