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Art.Base said 14 years ago

Artabase is seeking submissions and proposals for our new blog.

We are looking for artist profiles, informative articles, essays, interviews and anything else that embraces our byline: ‘Because people love art’

At this stage we are unable to pay our contributors, something we hope will change as we grow. In the meantime we aim to expand the opportunities for online publication of writing for and about the art world. In doing this we hope to provide a space that is receptive to emerging writers, academics and writing of a style or content that falls outside the scope of other art publications.

If you would like any further information or would like to send in an idea or completed submission, please email:

RSS fans can subscribe to the feed now at

anonymous said 14 years ago

You’ve probably not received any responses because your suggested topic does not have enough depth for ongoing discussion. If you asked, for example, what is art ?,what purpose does it serve either ,personally or socially, then you leave a wider space for people to throw ideas and opinions around and stoke up a decent opportunity for vibrant conversation. But even then it’s hard to get anyone’s interest.
I tried to start a conversation about art & the environment a while ago, it took some needling to prod the few people into responding, I found that some people were thinking about the issue although it did seem surprisingly few.
The point is, that you’ll need broaden the conversation.
Not all people like art, it’s easier to fill a stadium of adults who’d rather watch an inflated piece of leather being chased around a patch of grass for two hours rather than go to a gallery to look at “art”.

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 14 years ago

Well, before you can discuss whether people like art or not I guess you’ve got to define what art is, which I’m not going to attempt : )

We’ve actually had a tonne of responses through email which has been great. There are some awesome ideas in there, a really broad range of responses. Kate (the editor) is busy sorting through everything, with the hope that the blog will be launched early next month.

That’s great that you’ve tried to start conversations on here. Keep going, I’m sure you’ll prod someone’s node at some stage.