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Art.Base said 14 years ago

In the last survey we did, we received feedback that someone would like the mobile version of Artabase to use text (like S.M.S.) because that way the deaf respondent could still use the service.

This was great feedback, which we really appreciate, as Artabase aims to become a very accessible service.

So, please use this thread to make any accessibility suggestions.

We’re aware that we don’t follow best practice everywhere on the website, at the moment, but we do aim to adopt the good guidelines over at in due course.

Some of the other Artabase-specific things we’d like to do include making good descriptions of the images on the website for people with vision impairment.

When you upload an image at the moment you’ll probably notice a description field. The field isn’t very long, but we will be increasing the size of it. The aim is to allow that field to contain a rich, visual description of the image, so that someone who is visually impaired can use a screen reader to get a description of the image in circumstances where they can’t see the actual picture itself.

We look forward to hearing your ideas along these lines.