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Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 14 years ago

Last night in Richmond, (Victoria, Australia), three of the Albert st Galleries all had their openings on at the same time, which is a brilliant idea, I wish more galleries did it. Albert st is a new precinct I think!

Anyway I’ve got to say that Mark Kimber’s work in Edgeland was incredible, especially the prints in the front room which created fantasy landscapes by sampling together what appeared to be old magazine images. The print-dots were of different scales and blended in together to create a surreal texture. I don’t know if this was real or staged, but it looked incredible in close detail.

My other personal favourite was Craig Cole’s “I don’t want to grow up” at Shifted Gallery. Giant, over-sized cassette tape, Walkman and ear-bud headphones. I’m a sucker for pop art, this was overt pop indulgence. Failsafe!

Check out the pic here, the cassette is about 1.5 metres wide in real life.