anonymous said 12 years ago

As you report, Jeff Keen has been ‘unsung’ right from the beginning
of his earliest film productions, which were in the library of the British
Film Institute at the beginning of the ‘70s, but which chose not to promote
his work.until they issued the boxed set of his films (GAZWRX) in february 2009.!
This resulted in his being unknown to a larger audience, and never being able to
earn a living from his unflagging imagination and determination.
I consider it a disgrace that he is now, at 87 and very frail and ill, without a home
of his own, and literally penniless, with all his unseen artwork,paintings,drawings,
handmade books and objects having had to be put in storage, at his own expense.
I would be grateful if anyone could throw some light on why the British ’ art establishment’ has chosen to ignore this outstanding and prolific artist.
I am his wife, Jackie Keen

Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon said 12 years ago

How sad Jackie!

I wonder if the curator from Otherfilm can shed some light on this.