16th Biennale Of Sydney

Revolutions - Forms That Turn

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Art Gallery of New South Wales said 14 years ago

in association with BIENNALE OF SYDNEY

Screening features, documentary and experimental film selected from 100 years of cinema, this series examines revolutions in their many diverse forms. This month see Entr’acte (Dir: René Clair, 1924) with L’Age d’Or (Dir: Luis Buñuel, 1930), Rocking the foundations (Dir: Pat Fiske, 1985), Zero for conduct (Dir: Jean Vigo, 1933) with La jetée (Dir: Chris Marker, 1962) and The battle of Algiers (Dir: Gillo Pontecorvo, 1965).

Until 7 Sept
Wed 2pm & 7.15pm
Sun 2pm