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Melinda Le Guay
10 May to 14 June 2011

“Conflict” features fragile and seemingly weightless wire dresses by Melinda Le Guay, creating an oxymoron of appearance and materials.

Al Munro
10 May to 14 June 2011

“Crystallography” is a collection of sparkling crystallographic diagrams by Al Munro inspired by the scientific field of the same name.

== Drinks with the Artists 14 May 4-6pm ==

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Fiona Fenech
‘A Marvelous Transformation’
7 June to 2 July 2011

Fiona Fenech presents a collection of alluring narratives that make the familiar curious with their contrasting scenes of dark and playful fantasy drawing inspiration from fairy tales.

Lyndal Hargrave
‘Constructs of Love and Logic’
7 June to 2 July 2011

In ‘Constructs of Love and Logic’ Lyndal Hargrave’s white wall mounted pieces optimise the surface of the wall by reflecting a glowing coloured backdrop.

== Evening drinks with the Artists Tuesday 7 June 6-8pm ==

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‘Lust’ – curated by Gordon Elliott
Group Show
5 July to 30 July 2011

Lust is that powerful emotion hidden deep within your heart. It can propel you in many directions positive or negative. Are you willing to surrender to your cravings? Are you willing to bare your soul and achieve that secret longing?

== Drinks with the Artists Saturday 9 July 4-6pm ==

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Todd Fuller – Tense
Solo Exhibition
2 to 27 August 2011

Like a bench warmer on the sideline, the guy who missed the bus or the child alone at playlunch, he sits. In a moment of privacy, he dares to drop his guard, and in that moment, we learn his story.

== Drinks with the Artist Saturday 6 August 4-6pm ==

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Janet Parker-Smith
‘Still Alive & Still Well’
30 August to 24 September

This work acts as a metaphor for the binary nature of insiders and outsiders. It deals with displacement through the use of otherness as a mechanism of protection, inclusion, exclusion, isolation and connection.

Peter Tilley
‘A Passage Through Time’
30 August to 24 September

This body of work shifts between still life tableau and compositions based around the figure. It could be seen as a dialogue with the self while reflecting on issues of the times and the nature of society.

== Drinks with the Artists Saturday 3 September 4-6pm ===

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‘Body Language’ – a curated group exhibition

27 September to 22 October

Through gestures, posture and facial expression we communicate without words to the world around us.

=== Evening drinks with the Artists Wednesday 28 Sept 6-8pm ===

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Marc Standing
‘Waking Me Forever’
25 October to 19 November

There is an ethereal and dreamlike quality to this body of work with many references to the natural world and to our biological makeup. Sleep, dream and wakefulness collide in a realm of fragmented imagination.

Senden Blackwood
25 October to 19 November

I guess there could be far worse things to be consumed by than carving abstract forms in stone. For me, the attraction and the meaning is in the transformation, from dirty rock to smooth sculpture. While the lines and planes gradually shift and settle, a part of me follows the process with a detached curiosity.

== Drinks with the Artists Saturday 29 September 4-6pm ===

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Tanmaya Bingham
‘Countermanding Saturation’
22 November to 24 December

In an over stimulated world peace and quiet is a rare commodity. We have been forced to create internal conduits to another restorative world or void where the pressure on our senses is alleviated and we can retreat, relax and process.

Waratah Lahy
‘Not What it Seems’
22 November to 24 December

Things are not always what they seem to be. Through simple quirks of colour and composition, everyday scenes of people and places reveal themselves as dreamlike memories, not quite recognisable but familiar enough that they hover on the edge of being a remembered place and something dredged up from the imagination.

== Drinks with the Artists Saturday 26 November 4-6pm ===

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Lezlie Tilley
- Pages from an a-less novel, 2012
14 February to 3 March

Nulla dies sine linea = never a day without a line

A constant image that has followed me throughout my career has been the ‘telephone doodle’ in all its simplicity and complexity. My recent connection with Euclid’s geometry has fired my interest to explore other forms of that universal image. In this instance, my drawings are dragged between the extremes of sketchy and finished, spontaneous and measured. The linear images can be viewed as maps, pathways, or a system of writing time itself.

Major Artists, Major Works
- featuring important works from the represented artists
14 February to 3 March 2012

‘Major Artists, Major Works’ will feature a significant artwork by each of the fourteen artists represented by the Gallery.

Size is relative. For some, ‘major’ may simply mean ‘bigger than a shoebox’, whereas for others it can entail the use of a crane and the removal of the Gallery doors!

Artists include Tanmaya Bingham, Senden Blackwood, Robert Boynes, Will Coles, Jim Croke, Sybil Curtis, Todd Fuller, James Guppy, Melinda Le Guay, Carol Murphy, Mylyn Nguyen, Leslie Oliver, Lezlie Tilley and Peter Tilley.

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Will Coles
- Nihilist archaeology, 2012

6 to 24 March
Are we and our junk reaching critical mass? If all our junk is made in China, we will have nothing worth digging up in the future.

The trivial and shallow now represent the peak of Western Civilisation. The internet brings the entire history of human achievement into our homes, but we are watching ‘reality’ TV.

Welcome to the age where nearly everyone grows old, hates the young and is so busy being scared of dying that they have forgotten how to live. Stop, take a deep breath and step back.

James Guppy
- Anima Rising, 2012

6 to 24 March
The figures in these new works are dredged from James Guppy’s unconscious to throw light onto the cold darkness of rationality. Guppy has always been comfortable in the world of fairytales and myths. As a child living in the north of England, these fantastic stories were his way of understanding the land he grew up in. It provided a poetry and passion that prosaic history could not give.

Animals were another starting point for these new paintings. Guppy was not interested in the domesticated creatures that inhabit our lives, but in the way their untamed forebears move within our psyche.

Through these paintings, Guppy continues the examination of myth and powerful women. These are not the predictable, nourishing earth mothers, but rather those types that society traditionally feared and marginalised: the witch, the virago and the furies. These are the strong women, the extraordinary women who offer the possibilities of other lives.


Brenda May Gallery will be participating in Art Month Sydney 2012 with exhibitions by Will Coles and James Guppy. Several free events will be held in conjunction with the opening of the shows.

▶ Join us for a glimpse into the surreal world of James Guppy as he demonstrat…es life drawing during Art Month, Thursday 8 March 7-9pm
Spaces are limited so please RSVP to the Gallery,

▶ Art at Night, Drinks with Will Coles, Friday 9 March 6-8pm
RSVP required,

▶ Will Coles Artist Talk, Saturday 10 March 2-2:30pm
No RSVP required

▶ James Guppy Artist Talk, Saturday 10 March 2:30-3pm
No RSVP required