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Threaded Connections
7 December to 19 January 2008
Gallery 3 & Screen Gallery

A large collaborative artwork has been developed and made for this exhibition by the Lismore and District Embroiderers Guild. It draws on the history of the Northern Rivers and was two years in the making. The two year process of creating this unique treasure, a project coordinated by Lucille Martin and Lismore Regional Gallery, has been captured on film by Sharon Shostak.


Supported Art Arts NSW

Lucille Martin

Naturally Selected
7 December to 19 January 2008
Gallery 1

Lucille Martin conbines reused materials and embroidered representations of birdlife and nature to explore themes of overconsumption and global consumerism.


Edna McKenzie Collection of Lismore Flora

7 December to 19 January to 2008
Gallery 4

Born in Lismore in December 1912, Edna Jane McKenzie is a long time local resident. Her botanical watercolours from the 1940s and 50s depict many local native and garden flowers and underpin the Edna McKenzie Collection of Lismore Flora. This collection was begun as a result of the artist’s generous donation of artworks in July 2007.



ConVerge: Northern Rivers Touring Ceramics Exhibition
25 January to 1 March 2008
Galleries 1, 2, 3

ConVerge is a touring exhibition showcasing the work of the finest ceramic artists, both emerging and established, from the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. It was launched in Brisbane at the Victor Mace Gallery in conjunction with Verge, the 2006 National Ceramic Conference and is now touring to 12 regional galleries in Qld and NSW.

Pamela Mei-Leng See, Offshore Processing
25 January – 3 March 2008
24:7 Window Space

Pamela See’s artwork, ‘The rooster advised the ducks they could enter, if they could speak his language’ discusses the recent commencement of Australian citizenship testing. The work features quacking ducks sitting in the water facing a crowing rooster. The Chinese use roosters as a Chinese symbol for government and ducks as a symbol for fertility. See has selected a migratory species of ducks to comment on diaspora.

See uses the traditional folk art technique of papercutting to further reflect on the migrant experience communicated through her artwork.

ABC Arts Nest Award

25 January 2007
Gallery 4

The ABC North Coast ArtsNest award, launched by ABC North Coast Radio, recognises talent and commitment among emerging artists who live and work in the North Coast and who demonstrate dedication and professionalism in their chosen field. The award categories are screen and visual and performing arts. The work of the 11 finalists of ArtsNest 2007 will be on exhibition at Lismore Regional Gallery.