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Asia Fine Art invites you to
Through the Eyes of Lim Khim Katy Exhibition

September 15- October 16, 2011
Asia Fine Art
14 Sik On Street, 99 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Lim Khim Katy
1978 Born in Ho Chi Minh City
2001 Graduated From Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts University

Through the Eyes of Lim Khim Katy
Lim Khim Katy is, without doubt, the most outstanding contemporary artist in Vietnam today.

This collection of her latest works, comes straight from the success of her two month long Macau solo exhibition at the Taipa Houses Museum

More than twenty of her new works –
an outstanding collection of dynamic oils painted in her signature palette knife style.

Since the beginning of her career as an artist, the unique composition and style of her work has been recognized by collectors and curators alike. Katy’s works continue to grow both in scope and maturity as does the interest shown by the discerning art public.

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Asia Fine Art presents

Earth Trees & Clouds by Alex Capri

DEBUT exhibition in Hong Kong

Exhibition dates : Saturday 1st October – 30th November 2011 – 09.00am to 09.00pm daily
Exhibition Venue : 3rd Floor, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong

“Earth Trees & Clouds”, a collection of selected fine art photographs by Alex Capri.

Alex Capri is an award-winning photographer, currently based in Hong Kong. His works feature subjects from more than 40 countries around the world.

Capri studied at Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara, California. Although best known for his black & white landscapes, cityscapes and urban still-lifes, his portfolio covers a broad range of genres, including people, underwater photography and underwater films.

Many of Capri’s images have been captured with medium and large format film cameras (still his favorite medium) although a growing number of his more recent photographs are of the digital variety.

As the son of diplomats, Capri spent his youth in Europe, Asia and South America. In Bangkok, his mother bought him a second hand Rolleiflex twin lens camera when he was eight years old. Thus began Capri’s photographic odyssey and by the time he was a teenager he began publishing his first photo-essays.

Capri’ s images have gained acclaim for their serene, minimalist quality, with a focus on space and the juxtaposition of simple elements. Many of his recent, high quality landscapes exhibited at The Landmark illustrates the relationship between earth, trees and clouds.

Capri’s forthcoming book “Palouse” captures more than 25 years of light, space and form in the region of North America known by the same name – Palouse.

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Asia Fine Art presents
Carnival of Dialogues
Yonaton Levy Debut Hong Kong Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception : Thursday 20th October – 05.00 to 9.00pm (artist will be in attendance)
Exhibition dates : 20th October – 20th November 2011 (10.30am to 6:30pm daily)
Venue : Asia Fine Art Gallery, 14 Sik On Street, 99 – 101 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

With vibrant colors and ecstatic sensuality, Yonatan Levy’s canvases offer a world of invented characters communicating by ambiguous gestures and intriguing body language. Levy’s figures are entwined in each other, as if fulfilling their existence by each other. This carnival of dialogues exudes the feeling that the characters are having a conversation or are preparing for some kind of narrative. Levy creates an experience that can seem as group eroticism, with an undercurrent of humor and playfulness.
“Throughout my painting process, there is an embedded friction between strictness and unpredictability. This friction serves as a tool for me to explore the boundaries between the concrete and the ambiguous, between the real and the imaginary.

Yonatan Levy was born 1979 in Jerusalem, Israel. In 2008 he graduated from The School of Art, Jamidrasha, Beit Berl and was included in the widely exhibited and collected portfolio of emerging artists published by ST-ART. Since then he has exhibited in group and solo shows and his work is included in private collections in Israel, Hong-Kong and USA. He received his BFA from Midrasha School of Art, Israel.

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Asia Fine Art presents

Summer Exhibition 2012
10 artists from across the region
Chen Hong Xin, Hu Hui, Liu Ping, Wang Xi, Vu Thu Hien, Lim Khim Katy, Christian Knowles, Christine Vidart, Phyu Mon & Khin Zaw Latt

Exhibition dates : 4th July to 31st August, 2012 (10.30am to 6:30pm daily)
Venue : Asia Fine Art Gallery, 14 Sik On Street, 99 – 101 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Our annual summer exhibition will be an ever changing rolling program of new art pieces throughout the event period. We will bring an exciting mixture of mediums – oil, acrylic, watercolours, photo prints and sculptures from across the region.

Ten of our gallery artists express and portray their inner world in their own chosen mediums – reflecting the variation of talents created by gender, age and culture. The works are all attractive pieces, capturing vibrant colours, fine detail and a new approach to life with zest and creativity.

For more information and visuals, please contact :
Sidney Cowell or Catherine Lam
Tel : (852) 2522-0405 Email : Website: