anonymous said 13 years ago

Two new shows opening this winter!

Here at Somedays we think everyone needs a few extra parties to keep those winter blues well away. Come along for a sneak peak at some new awesome art talent and a warming winter wine too. We have two more winter art show openings coming up, so grab a scarf and come out for some free recession partying.

The Portraits by Demola – Opening 6pm Wed 29th July

This exhibition is a collection of simple portraits by British photographer Demola. He prefers shooting in natural light and letting nature dictate the direction of each shoot. The subjects range from models, through to your average Joe or not so average Joe. He’s inspired by beauty in all it’s permutations weather classic or totally abstract.

St. Collective – Opening 6pm Wed 19th August

Somedays Gallery is proud to present ‘St.Collective’ a group show of fairytales, pop art and graffiti. This is an eclectic mix of the handmade and computer assisted – digital media, inks, watercolours, texta and a good dose of humour in the first group exhibition of three stunning Sydney artists Mark Bärwald, Alex Lehours and Harrison “El Herlo” Earl.