Professional Development Programs 2018

Writing Successful Proposals And Grants | Andy Tetzlaff, Lucie Mcintosh

Interested in how to further develop your skill in applying for grants and proposals? Join artist and curator Andy Tetzlaff and BLINDSIDE Director, artist and curator Lucie McIntosh, as they discuss and explore the three key components required for producing successful grants and exhibition proposals. Ample time will be set aside for audience questions.

Art Talk previously on at BLINDSIDE in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 11 April 2018 to Wednesday 11 April 2018

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 04 April 2018.
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Andy Tetzlaff is an artist and curator who is currently pursing a practice-led PhD at RMIT University. His practice looks at ways in which intangible phenomena–such as pressure, gravity and light–can both mark and be revealed through material. Using photomedia-based methods alongside simple objects his work draws out and manifests small complexities of our environment: moments when light is blunt or sharp, or when stones relate their geological speed and fluidity. Andy is also the coordinator of RMIT:ART:INTERSECT — six creative projects that together form a dynamic program of exhibitions, art residencies, creative laboratories, talks and events. These projects consider and use contemporary art as a means of intersecting with and enriching the University community, as well as the broader local and global ones.

Lucie McIntosh is a visual artist, photographer and curator based in Melbourne, Australia. Lucie’s exhibition and research based practice explores the politics surrounding notions of the image and the materialities of the photographic ‘image object’. Lucie engages with themes of knowledge, perception and representation, reflecting upon the nature of seeing by building relationships between viewers, objects and space. Lucie has a deep commitment to the independent arts community and has volunteered her time to a number of not–for–profit and contemporary art projects. She is currently a Director of BLINDSIDE, an independent, artist–run space based in the heart of Melbourne.