AND THEY ALL SAY YOUR NAME | Talia Smith & Zainab Hikmet

To long is to yearn for something or someone separated by distances in time and/or space. And they all say your name explores the subject of longing for a moment in time or place through light: an energy that is momentary and transient.

Art Exhibition previously on at BLINDSIDE in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 03 October 2018 to Saturday 20 October 2018
Launch Thursday 04 October 2018, 6-8pm

AND THEY ALL SAY YOUR NAME | Talia Smith & Zainab Hikmet image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 04 April 2018.
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Both artists utilise their time-based practices to create works that reflect their personal histories, connections and the ties that bind to the past, present and future.

And they all say your name acts as a space for all of these oppositional structures to meet; the passing of time and memory, the spaces between, and the growing distance naturally created between people expressed through the temporal qualities of light.

Talia Smith is an artist and curator from New Zealand but is now based in Sydney, Australia. Her photographic and video practice explores memory, time and ruin through the photographic medium and mans relationship to the landscape. She has exhibited widely throughout Australia, New Zealand, Germany and New York.

Zainab Hikmet completed her Masters of Fine Arts at RMIT in 2015, following Undergraduate and Honours degrees from Auckland University of Technology. She has exhibited in various galleries throughout New Zealand and Australia and in 2015 was selected to complete a residency and exhibit at Singapore’s Tropical Lab at LASALLE College of Arts.