Double Method by Tokyo Rumando×Hideka Tonomura

Collaborating together for the first time, Tokyo Rumando and Hideka Tonomura are at the cutting edge of an exciting and groundbreaking generation of new photographers working in Japan today. Despite using very different methodologies, these two women photographers share the same interest in mapping intense psychological subjects to deconstruct the framework that links the past to the present.

Art Exhibition previously on at Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in United Kingdom.
From Friday 11 May 2018 to Monday 28 May 2018
Launch Thursday 10 May 2018, 6-8pm

Double Method by Tokyo Rumando×Hideka Tonomura  image

Published by Daiwa Foundation on Monday 16 April 2018.
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Rumando works primarily through self-portraits, and has made several series of nudes, often using an experimental method involving montage. Relentlessly turning the camera on her self-image, Rumando provokes the emergence of an unforeseen “other side” from the depths of her own inner experience, while revealing and exploring connections between her own daily life and the labyrinthine underworld of Japanese “Love Hotels”.

Tonomura had committed to an unflinching account of both mundane and epic moments of her own life, exemplified by the staggering photographic record of her mother’s love affair, and intimate images of her own life working as a bar hostess. Tonomura’s work condenses and crystallises individual prosaic moments, often isolating them in contemplation on their implicit savagery and cruelty. Doing so, Tonomura uses her camera to capture and project an extreme and distorted vision of an uncontextualised, unhinged reality, highlighting the artist’s vengeful attitude towards herself.

Using photography to confront basic and instinctive key human issues, both Rumando and Tonomura continually reverse expectations and take their audiences into complex and moving interior spaces through their emotionally engaging practices.The two photographers participate in a fictitious dream, based on a shared optimism about the potential for art to transcend the problems of daily life


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