City Colour

Chien-Ju Chia [TWN]

Chien-Ju Chia is the recipient of the 2018 Taiwanese Arts Residency Exchange, supported by RMIT University and the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.

Art Exhibition previously on at RMIT Intersect in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 18 May 2018 to Thursday 21 June 2018
Launch Thursday 17 May 2018, 5-7pm

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During her residency in Melbourne, Chien-Ju will explore particular everyday objects to find a link between the city and its people in order to capture a single colour that represents Melbourne. Through a period of observation and exploration, she aims to find the particular visual impact of a city which in turn stimulates a specific sense of place.

Chien-Ju Chia (b. 1984, Taipei City) graduated from the National Taipei University of Art in 2012 with a Masters of Fine Art. During the same year, she won first prize at the Kaohsiung Awards for her work Plastic Bags. In 2013 she was an artist in residence at the Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand where she held her solo exhibition, City Colour. In 2016, her series The Last Chapter of Ln.25 Dayong St was nominated for Tai-Shin Arts Awards. In 2017, she was invited to participate in 98B Collaboratory’s residency program in Manila, and was funded by the Minister of Culture of Taiwan. Chien-Ju Chia’s creative process involves the observation and investigation of ready-made objects local to particular areas. By juxtaposing these objects with the local lived experience, she presents them in a new manner, creating bizarre scenes and settings that oppose reality. In her practice, Chien-Ju explores the relationship between people and the objects that they engage with daily.


RMIT Building 94, Lvl 2
23-27 Cardigan Street Carlton VIC 3053