New Exhibitions Opening at BlackCat Gallery, Collingwood

You are invited to the opening reception on Friday 25 May 2018 at 6-8 pm. Exhibition will be held from May 23 - June 3 , 2018

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 23 May 2018 to Sunday 03 June 2018
Launch Friday 25 May 2018, 6.00 - 8.00 pm.

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Published by anonymous on Friday 11 May 2018.
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Gallery 1 : Cosmic Ocean
David C Mahler

A vast ocean of energies surrounds us. We emanate as much as we absorb, shooting out waves to the void in the hope of forming connection. The universe is an echo chamber of vibrations, and we are each a piece of its puzzle.
Like plankton bobbing in the swell we are an insignificant yet divinely crucial part of the cosmic ocean.

‘Cosmic Ocean’ presents a new body of paintings and projection pieces by David C Mahler, depicting the flowing energies of the universe through abstract pattern and chaos. Constellations meld with intricate line-work, bulbous forms and marine imagery, building a layered montage of time and space.

Gallery 2 : Reflection of life
Pongphet Wongyimyong

Death is considered a natural part of life, so close to us like the air we breath, endlessly flies likes time. When everyone has experience living in a diffrent culture, I try to question, what are rules for a daily living and what do we see when we look back in time?

The reflection of life is the reflex of duration; past, present and future, refers to the meaning of Death, Lives and Hope. The concept of “Samsara”
( Circle of Life) is showing the way of Asian’s living, belief, faith and cultures throughout the art of installation

Gallery 3 : Charged Moments
Matthew Adcock

Charged Moments is a body of paintings that explore emotionally-charged situations, to reveal psychosocial complexities that are uncomfortable, or unmanageable. Matthew constructs narratives dealing with internal angst, as well as an interaction with, and an observation of his social sphere.
The narratives use a mixture of ambiguity, surprise, and humour which are amplified by wild colours and rough visual techniques. Specific intense memories, dreams, and imagined events are elaborated on. Ambiguity of circumstance is created by each of these tableaux-like paintings, which enter into the middle of a single narrative. The ambiguity, as well as the humour of the works, allow for a refreshing twist to what may otherwise be overbearing material. Charged Moments sprung out of Matthew’s MFA (completed at RMIT in 2016).


BlackCat Gallery
95 Johnston St, Collingwood 3066
Wed-Sun 12:30 – 5:00 pm