Private View: Japan Tide Presents Haruko Fujii

The second week of the exhibition series

Japan Tide in collaboration with Leyden Gallery presents a series of one-week exhibitions featuring: Week One 29 May – 2 June Hiroko Inoue | Kishu Miyata; Week Two 5 - 9 June Haruko Fujii; Week Three 12 – 16 June Hosen Nakamura.

Art Exhibition previously on at Leyden Gallery in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Tuesday 05 June 2018 to Tuesday 05 June 2018

Private View: Japan Tide Presents Haruko Fujii image

Published by anonymous on Friday 25 May 2018.
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When the cultural organisation Japan Tide approached Leyden Gallery with the concept of an exhibition of promoting older Japanese women artists (all in their 70s) it was a perfect match as Leyden Gallery has for the last five years been building a reputation of supporting Women Artists, working with International Artists and also of being an intergenerational gallery space with a range of exciting events to match their exhibition programme.

Although all four artists come under the cultural umbrella of Japan Tide each of the artists (with the exception of week one) are distinctly and individually being promoted within their own week-long show.

From Japanese calligraphy to oil painting, ink art, and other Japanese traditional dying and painting skills, the exceptional work of these artists express their lifelong experiences and a wealth of knowledge in many areas of involvement. From the fields of science to fashion to the engagement of both the harmony and discord of nature, the exposition of these artists at Leyden Gallery is a rare opportunity to engage with the first combined London exhibition of these mature Japanese women artists.

Haruko Fujii
Born in 1941 in Tokyo. Haruko is a Member of the association of Nihon Koyo, an honorary Member of Monaco Ministry of Culture and a Member of the Spanish art association AMSC. The artist made her name firstly as a calligraphist, with many awards to her name. At the age of 34, she turned to oil painting. She adapts the beauty of brash lines and the meanings of symbols from Japanese calligraphy to create her unique works.
The artist participated with her works at many exhibitions in Japan and abroad. In 2014, she presented her work in a solo exhibition in Paris and a book of her works, Purse was published at the same time. In 2015, she participated in Art expo New York.

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