Alex Karaconji - 'The Flaneur'

Video art exhibition in Black Box Projects

"The Flaneur" is an animation that I began in 2015 and finished towards the end of 2016. It depicts a loosely autobiographical walk from Taylor Square to Circular Quay.

Art Exhibition previously on at MAY SPACE in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 06 June 2018 to Saturday 23 June 2018

 Alex Karaconji, 'The Flaneur' (still), 2016, DVD film - 7:16mins, edition 5 image

Published by MAY SPACE on Saturday 02 June 2018.
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At the time, I was studying my Masters degree at the National Art School and I was walking around Darlinghurst on a daily basis. The flaneur was a concept that I discovered during my research and which I found, to my delight, provided an honest conceptual framework for my art practice. The term ‘flaneur’ originated in Paris during the 19th century and it refers to a solitary person (at the time, male) who aimlessly strolls around the city. The concept of the flaneur helped to facilitate my pursuit of what Charles Baudelaire once described as “the epic side of actual life”. The Flaneur is my attempt to capture the epic side of urban life as seen through the slightly distorted lens of a city-wandering artist.


409b George Street Waterloo NSW Australia 2017