INVITATION : Exhibitions Opening Night On Friday 22 June

You are invited to the opening reception on Friday 22 June 2018 at 6-8 pm.

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 20 June 2018 to Sunday 01 July 2018

INVITATION : Exhibitions Opening Night On Friday 22 June image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 10 June 2018.
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Exhibition will be held from June 20 – July 1, 2018

Paul Pirie

‘You Should See My New House’ is a collection of recent drawings and paintings, completed over the last 18 months between Melbourne and New York.
The works are mixed media compositions on canvas and paper, utilising oil, graphite, house paint, spray, pastel, cigarette ash and dirt.

This selection of work revolves around a loosely defined collection of recurring shapes and a vibrant palette, exploring the simple and powerful relationships that exist between intersecting lines and contours, and the emotive strength of that language. Imperfections are both accepted and coerced into the paintings, and likewise into the artist-built frames containing them. These blemishes and impurities are seen as a further extension of the pictures language, and act as
a de-sterilisation tool, keeping the images alive and in flux.

Gallery 2 : Theatre of Landscape
Carol Swain

Moments of shadows, remnants after a flood, quiet stillness of time. Varying scenes reveal themselves. The subtlety and complexity in the bush is explored through the interplay of colours, spaces and textures.

In the Theatre of Landscape Carol Swain collages forms, of varying scenes. Through the lens of imagination, she explores the relationship between her perception and her experiences within the environment.

Gallery 3 : Odd Angle Boundaries
Stu Brown

I want to energise the eye. I want to visualise the rhythm of modernity. I want to smash together multiple perspectives.
I want to imagine original perceptions of familiar spaces.

I want to generate heat and energy and movement
- back and forth, up and down, in and out – using colour, and perspectival illusion. I want to insist on amplified background radiation to resist traditional notions of composition. I want to incinerate complementary relationships by rollercoastering headfirst into the odd-angle boundaries dangling from three-dimensional tension.

I want to encourage indulgence to change when we least expect it.


BlackCat Gallery
95 Johnston St, Collingwood 3066
Wed-Sun 12:30 – 5:00 pm
IG : blackcatgallery