The legacy continues

Vignettes: series, performance, experimental and the experiential

This intimate vignette draws on MGA’s collection of donated works and examines the different approaches photographers use to explore subject matter. A diverse range of works are brought together which intersect and coalesce in strange and beautiful ways.

Art Exhibition previously on at MGA - Monash Gallery of Art in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 18 July 2018 to Wednesday 19 September 2018

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Published by Monash Gallery of Art on Thursday 12 July 2018.
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There is a particular focus on photographers who use long form narratives to explore their subject matter through a series of works. Some embrace chance and experimentation through cameraless techniques, others capture the complexities of modernity through documentary photography and performance, while others explore the intricacies of our landscape and memory.

Curator: Anouska Phizacklea