INVITATION : Exhibitions Opening Night On Friday 3 Aug

You are invited to the opening reception on Friday 3 August 2018 at 6-8 pm. Exhibition will be held from Aug 1 - 12 , 2018

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 01 August 2018 to Sunday 12 August 2018

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Gallery 1 : Towards Self
Shelley Hall

These works on paper are ephemeral self portraits, an examination of the human condition and the relationship we have with our inner selves.

Symbolising duality and self acceptance, my etching Towards Self provided a framework for this series of paintings that explore my inner world. Using a wide range of media, they are an insight into the Jungian archetype of the shadow self and reflect the mutability of human emotion.

​My new poetry book My Beautiful Scars will be launched as part of this exhibition.

Gallery2 : Childlike
Baaqiy Ghazali

This is my second year of living in Melbourne by myself; no friends, no family. Everyone that came with me to this city from Malaysia had already left and I decided to stay. Being in a big city like Melbourne as someone who is still like a child can be difficult. Everyday is a challenge, exploring blocks after blocks of the city like a child in a misty maze, dodging every predatory behaviour thrown at me, I learn by observing my surroundings, looking at every detail in pavements, trees and flowers, arches and steel frames, in not wanting to lose, I persevere. In between the pressure of adulthood and being independent, I find myself going back to those happy times in my childhood; I was the most creative and imaginative person I knew. I find solace in being imaginative and my mind is my own sacred place.

‘Childlike’ is a representation of my memories and my present, juxtaposed with symbolism and multidimensional imagery.

Gallery 3 : CONNECTED
Owen Bomford

CONNECTED is a series of paintings that is an exploration of past and future defining the ‘now’ moment, a collection of objective influences evolving the subjective experience.
The overarching theme is an interest of mecha design and colour schemes fused with a rediscovery of minimalist abstract pop art.

The 9 larger canvases in the series are primarily about colour and texture while also giving the viewer a feeling about the character of each mecha/robot which has been used as a reference. Using the target as a central scaffold, which gives context to both the pop art and mecha/weaponry in one bold, simple and recognisable image, colour themes and balance are developed and explored. Each painting is based on various robots including, but not limited to Evangelion, Voltron, Rahxephon and Gundam.

The 6 smaller canvases are based on how the pilots connect physically and mentally to their mecha. The deeper this exploration went, another thought process occurred. How these humans connect to machinery became about how do we connect to ourselves, each other and nature.
Reality is subjective. The world we know is created by light, energy (which are one in the same) and pressurised waves of air that are collected by our sensory receptors and assembled by our brains, filling in the gaps at the same time, to create our sense of being and the physical world we inhabit.
Now we must ask… do you connect to a reality which is essentially a figment of your imagination?

One Night Only Project
Video Art

- Angela Hickey
- Nani Puspasari


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