INVITATION : Exhibitions Opening Night on Thursday 30 Aug 2018

You are invited to the opening reception on Thursday 30 Aug 2018 at 6-8 pm. Exhibition will be held from Aug 29 - Sep 9 , 2018

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 29 August 2018 to Sunday 09 September 2018

INVITATION : Exhibitions Opening Night on Thursday 30 Aug 2018 image

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Gallery 1 : Transition in Place – An Exploration in Digital Painting
Janine McGuinness

This body of work references the physical absence and ill health of my mother and the garden she used to tend and it was initiated at a time when my family was trying to ensure that her home and garden were kept in a perpetual state of constancy.

In these images, I explore the relationship of memory, place and time using various forms of digital painting.

Exploring the shadows and the threat of other forces beyond our control, I investigate the fragility of our past and of our family memories and how change is an inevitable process – always threatening. Altered dimensions and gradual transitions are central to the work with memories of self and place intertwined and in constant change.

The prevalence of shadows, use of transformative colours and of moving images and fabric especially signify these processes for me.

There are various types of digital paintings in the exhibition, ranging from still and moving digital images to a digital image printed on fabric, painted over and then rephotographed and re-printed on aluminium composite panel.

Gallery 2 : Eulogy
Paul Eves

In my art practice I use mediums and objects that are linked to the era that I grew up in, such as cassette tapes, chalk, blackboards, film, typewriters, photographs, cathode-ray televisions and vinyl records. The fragility and vulnerability of these objects provides a platform to discover their visual and auditory possibilities. My work responds to the ephemeral and temporary values that these materials contain in order to address the idea that, for me, time feels like it’s slipping away. The inclusion of analogue objects and technology in my work are used to create art that explore a vulnerable relationship to mortality. They help to animate, reflect, trace and define settings in my time and space, in an act of retrieval and recovery.

My art practice is not a sentimental or nostalgic trip down memory lane, but a reflective investigation based upon my awareness of the passing of time. The significance of sound in my practice derives from the intrinsic qualities that sound signifies. Sound is a time based medium, temporal, fleeting and can only be listened to sequentially. When listening to sound, the medium itself reminds us that we are located in a space and time, but paradoxically also remind us of the passing of time.

The sound installation that I am presenting uses language, sequencing and tone to explore a sense of absence and loss. The work is a 2 channel audio performance by a male and female, that contains fragmented spoken words played from a vinyl record. The listener is invited to engage with the record thus activating the recorded message which is listened to through headphones. This intimate work invites the listener’s participation. Without them the work remains silent, only through their physical engagement can the work live.

Gallery 3 : Trap
Anette Chang

Artist Annette Chang uses everyday items as her primary art materials. For her exhibition Trap, Chang has re-appropriated everyday paper materials and turned junk mails to artwork. She aimed to explore the relationship between consumerism and advertisement in the contemporary society

One Night Only Project
Video Art

- SonnetMosaic by Simon Bowland
- Fragile by Daniel Gardeazabal
- Trewlea Peters


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