Significant Velocities

Jeremy Bakker, Catherine Evans, David Haines & Joyce Hinterding, Jacob Kirkegaard [DNK] and Zoe Scoglio. Curated by Andrew Tetzlaff.

Significant Velocities considers the importance of felt and experiential knowledge by exploring how art might enable new understandings of the immense and oftentimes intangible qualities of the geological.

Art Exhibition previously on at RMIT Intersect in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 05 October 2018 to Thursday 15 November 2018
Launch Thursday 04 October 2018, 5-7pm

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Five artists consider the scale and expansiveness of our planet’s velocities, timeframes, materialities and energies, and translate these abstractions into terms that can be felt. The resulting works provide keys that open up different way of understanding the realities of Earth’s rotational speeds, mineral energies and deep time.


RMIT Building 94, Level 2
23-27 Cardigan Street Carlton VIC 3053