Off the Kerb's November Exhibitions

Four new exhibitions open at Off the Kerb Gallery. ENTRY IS FREE! Beer and Wine $5

Art Exhibition previously on at Off the Kerb Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 08 November 2018 to Thursday 22 November 2018
Launch Friday 09 November 2018, 6:00pm - 9:00pm

PERSONA by Robyn Grove image HOMAGE by Ayman Kaake & Anna Kiparis image FEELS LIKE HOME by Sarah Randall  image TROUBLE IN PARADISE by Sorcha Mackenzie image

Published by Off the Kerb Gallery on Friday 02 November 2018.
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The theory of “persona” coined by Carl Jung examines discrepancies between our public and private personalities. This theme has featured repeatedly throughout my favourite films: Ingmar Bergman’s “Persona”, David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive", “Fight Club” by David Fincher and also Reg Cribb’s riveting play “The Haunting of Daniel Gartrell”. It is also poignantly evident in the on-stage versus private lives of the performers I’ve met through Melbourne’s vibrant life-drawing community at Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School and Gay Life Drawing. “Persona” strips these local performers of their outlandish, vibrant and powerful on-stage characters, and examines who they are when the costumes are removed, the props set aside and the lights are down.

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BACK GALLERY : : HOMAGE by Ayman Kaake & Anna Kiparis

In this collaborative show, Ayman Kaake and Anna Kiparis have created two bodies of work with deep respect for the metaphorical place we call home. A selected series of images created to better understand what the essence of home is.

One series, a dream-like photo-artistic expression and representation of the desperate and isolating journeys of refugees. Stories of being forced to leave behind their beloved homes through evocative self-portraits by Lebanese artist Ayman Kaake.

The other series, an examination of the strangeness of post immigration suburban life, explored through night photographs of Melbourne, and the homes built to house those complex lives. As a first generation child to immigrant parents, photographer Anna Kiparis offers images of the settled, decades after leaving their respective countries.

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This exhibition of still life painting investigates how objects act as an extension of the self. In this series, I have chosen to portray objects from home, conveying a personal history with my subject matter. Each work brings an autobiographical account of my personal and family life through common, unremarkable placements of the overlooked. I strive to render these objects with the care I hold for each of them. I believe the way in which we relate to our objects is a metaphor for the way in which we relate to each other.

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Urban landscapes are paradoxical; diverse networks form within these landscapes and brilliant architectural designs are realised yet they are places where one can feel intense isolation. Figures are suspended amongst scenes of architectural fantasy; drawing into sharp relief the failure to realise utopia on a social scale.

Trouble in Paradise will attempt to convey the decline, re-growth and the regenerative power of nature yet depict the dichotomous relationship between the designed city utopia and the social realities of city life. I believe the natural world is often a tonic for those who reside in the metropolitan drawl.

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