Opening Exhibitions on Thursday 7 March

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE OPENING RECEPTION OPENING : Thursday 7 March at 6-8 pm. EXHIBITION : Wed 6 - Sun 17 March , 2019

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 06 March 2019 to Sunday 17 March 2019
Launch Thursday 07 March 2019,

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SPACE 1: The Crematorium of Intelligence by Chintamani Rotstein

‘The Crematorium of Intelligence’ narrates a memorial to the death of Truth.
Via a series of sculptural pieces, the viewer is invited into an exercise of lip-reading, challenging the role of speech, what can be lost or misinterpreted and ultimately how we put our trust in what others say to be true.
With the rising popularity of historical negationism and ‘alternative facts’, in a contemporary sense; fact is being challenged by fiction.
Sinister, surreal dreamscapes are narrated into paintings of delineated stories about the role of censorship, propaganda and capitalism. They function in a similar way that our own dreams do; a way the mind unconsciously processes our reality and turns it into a narrative. In a sense, a sifting or sorting out process in order to understand and review our reality, as well as the life and downfall of Truth.

SPACE 2: It fell from the floor by Maddy Minack

Maddy Minack’s work, ‘It fell from the floor’ is a collision of tiny worlds within a galaxy. Made out of accumulated forgotten found objects and wax, ‘It fell from the floor’ creates a new home or nest for that which would normally be lost. The constructed wax forms create a safe space for the discarded objects of the world, which otherwise would deteriorate into waste. The ephemeral body of work depicts these objects depletion, presenting new layers of deterioration in each exhibit. Initially exploring journeys/ passages the works speaks truths to the everyday mundane and repetition, which resorts to a lack of awareness for our surroundings. By accumulating what is forgotten in the works, a consciousness is activated in the viewer surrounding forgotten treasures and their stories. ‘It fell from the floor’ explores the slim chance that you and an object, in the passing of time, will collide with one another and the way in which this collision of objects encapsulates the grandness of life.

SPACE 3: The Space In Between by Gabrielle Hall-Lomax

This body of work stems from my time spent in Hämeenkyrö, located in the remote countryside of Finland. Removed from the usual distractions, I developed a deep connection with the spaces around me and the ability to appreciate subtle changes in my environment. I found the embedded quietness of the Finnish culture and stillness of the landscape an enduring source of fascination. Drawing on this experience, I utilised the camera as a tool to simplify-rather than dramatise- to reveal the beauty in the ordinary. The work investigates how banality and simplicity allow us to become highly sensitive to the act of looking. Subtle shifts in movement have the potential to produce palpable emotional responses. Blurring the line between the familiar and strange the project explores the liminal space between the two, and the photograph as an access point to this space. I am interested in photography as a medium that floats between abstraction and reality, of both the perceived and the imagined. Through abstracted moments from everyday life (found or constructed), the project is a reflection of the intense cultural and geographic quiet of the Finnish landscape.


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