Claire Potter : Rich Curtains : Performance of Stile

Artist writer Claire Potter will perform a newly written monologue, Rich Curtains: Performance of Stile. The performance is the second part of a new commission for the exhibition in which the artist considers the difference between provisional and preliminary structures in relation to the common rural boundary crossings—stiles.

Art Performance previously on at IMT Gallery in City of London, United Kingdom.
From Saturday 09 March 2019 to Saturday 09 March 2019

Claire Potter : Rich Curtains : Performance of Stile  image

Published by IMT Gallery on Friday 01 March 2019.
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In the margins of the gallery’s second room, a series of garishly coloured and individually drawn planks, nails, and wires, are installed to form a poorly-assembled, impractical, and upside-down stile. This installation, titled Rich Curtains Pending Performance, becomes the subject of critique within the spoken live work, and is discussed in relation to narrative time and fiction writing—which includes all the tv programmes watched during the making of the work, like detective series Luther, and that one about the old woman in Alan Bennett’s driveway.


IMT Gallery, Unit 2, 210 Cambridge Heath Road
E2 9NQ London