ANIMALIA - Off the Kerb's 12th anniversary show for charity


ENTRY IS FREE! Beer and Wine $5

Art Exhibition previously on at Off the Kerb Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 12 April 2019 to Thursday 25 April 2019

ANIMALIA - Off the Kerb's 12th anniversary show for charity image

Published by Off the Kerb Gallery on Thursday 04 April 2019.
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Animalia is a group exhibition celebrating life on our planet. It is an exploration of the importance of each organism on the planet and the innate connectedness or disconnectedness of the world we live in. It explores our responsibility to the environment – a collective consciousness as “caretakers” of the world around us.

Throughout history, science and arts have revealed and reveled in the complexity of animals. Scientists, philosophers and creatives alike have each embraced the multifaceted nature of animals to cross, blur, and re-imagine the boundaries between human and animal. Clinical findings show a beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals on emotional, psychological, and physical facets.

How has the natural world affected your life growing up? Are there particular creatures or natural environments that inspire you or capture your imagination? How do you imagine your relationship with animals? And do you believe animals and humans can coexist in harmony with one another? We ask artists to express their symbolic, metaphorical or literal version of Animalia.

Off the Kerb celebrates its 12th birthday with this large scale group exhibition by donating proceeds from sale of art to Signal Hill Sanctuary, a safe and caring home for abused, neglected or unwanted farm animals.

Drew Funk
Lucy Lucy
Creature Creature
Hayden Dewar
Brian Cheung
Liam Snootle
David Lee Pereira
Tayla Broekman
Ryan Pola
Lucy Wood
Alexia Novella
Andrew Laba
Anna Seed
Aude Lassalle
Benjamin Coombs
Dominic Sowersby
Dominic Taranto
Elena Larkin
Estephania Corbelletta
Esther Sandler
Jack Howell
Jade Burstall
Jennifer Huang
Jessica Jane
Julia Novella
Julie Burke
Kerri Hobba
Lauren Guymer
Leah Hume
Leona Gardner-Chan
Lily Nie
Lizzie Mai
Manda Lane
Maria Barbaro
Maria Petrova
Mia Emily Freeman
Miranda Costa
Rachel Derum
Sara Flexmore
Sara Sirant
Skye Williams
Victoria Constable


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