What the body knows but may have forgotten.

An immersive experience for discerning adults with curious minds, agreeable to surrendering to the sensory world of the mouth.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Wednesday 05 June 2019 to Wednesday 05 June 2019

MOUTH image Chop sticks image Milk image Feathers image Oyster image Pigface image Seeds image

Published by Avatar69 on Sunday 21 April 2019.
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Led by visual artist, Max Dingle, and performance artist, Annette Tresoriero, this blend of art, vocal performance, music and food explores the role of the mouth in the body’s extraordinary capacities for taste, physical sensation, breath and sound. Joins us for this unique event commissioned for Jervis Bay and Basin SeeChange Arts Festival 2019. Remind your body of what it knows (but may have forgotten).


The Haven
Huskisson Community Centre
Dent Street, Huskisson,
NSW 2540 Australia