Invitation Opening Exhibitions on Thursday 30 May 2019

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE OPENING RECEPTION OPENING : Thursday 30 May at 6-8 pm. EXHIBITION : Wed 29 May - Sun 9 June, 2019

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 30 May 2019 to Sunday 09 June 2019

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 23 May 2019.
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Shellie Tonkin

‘Yesterday I said ‘I love you’, today I’m not so sure’ explores the experience and volatility of relationships.

The photographs capture how love, desire, rage, despair and joy interact and fluctuate to constitute an amorphous whole. The pieces are cathartic expressions of this tumultuous and often confronting experience, contextualising and lending clarity to the adventure.

SPACE 2 : 50 shades of the same sexy thing
Sophie Dickinson

From Regina George to Cher Horowitz to Lizzie McGuire’s nemesis Kate Sanders, Hollywood continues to churn out the same old ‘love to hate’ hotties. Using the repetition that printmaking allows and the commercial nature of screen printing, 50 shades of the same sexy thing delves into Hollywood’s hot girl stereotype.
A series of vibrantly coloured works depict a dystopian version of the women we see on our screens disrupting the narrow template used to create female characters. Using varying printmaking techniques, different versions of stereotypically feminine imagery are used time and time again, mirroring the different versions of the same blonde imagery we see time and time and time and time and time and time again.

SPACE 3: Bored and Lonely
James Wilson

Bored and Lonely is a tongue in cheek critique of the tortured artist Archetype and the world surrounding creatives. The idea of a suffering artist turning their trauma into profound art is one that is so romanticised, a lot of creatives have found themselves embellishing their stories with exaggerated personal flaws to fit a mould.

Viewers enjoy watching an underdog triumph over their adversities but this artistic alchemy often comes across as disingenuous when the artists greatest struggle is keeping up with what the correct opinion is for any given issue.

The paintings of poke fun at both artists and culture enthusiasts by attacking the reasons why both attend art events. Van Gogh being the epitome of a tortured artist finds himself in an cheap internet advertisement begging for clicks while the gameboy games depict different ways people play within the scene.
Animations projected on the wall are low resolution clips which touch on the bitterness of resentful artists, the over reliance on paintings of girls and everyday interactions of a self described “lonely soul.”

The work analyses the art world through nostalgic aesthetics and irony that really sells well to the younger, “up and coming” art market and would also look great in any home or collection.

Wilson produced this body of work while both overcoming a skateboarding injury that required both an MRI and CT scan then shortly after finding out that he’d contracted a case of acute viral nasopharyngitis (the common cold).

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