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PRINTS & DRAWINGS By JANE ANSTED & STEPHEN TWOHIG Jane Ansted and Stephen Twohig will bring together a collection of prints and drawing to exhibit at GLG with a focus on architecture and building sites around Melbourne.

Art Exhibition previously on at Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed) in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 09 January 2009 to Sunday 18 January 2009
Launch Thursday 08 January 2009, Exhibition Opening Thursday JAN 8. 6pm - 9pm

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Event published by Guildford Lane Gallery on Monday 29 December 2008.
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Jane Ansted and Stephen Twohig are showing this body of work- their second exhibition together- not as a rational statement about themselves artistically or art generally, but simply as they share a common interest in beauty expressed in the moment through drawing. Principally and empirically, drawing is the connection that both artists feel can best express the ineffable. As a seed germinates into a plant, so the mark on the lithographic stone or copper plate grows into the unique and reproducible image.


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