Winter Days 2019 group show

ENTRY IS FREE! Beer and Wine $5

Art Exhibition previously on at Off the Kerb Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 13 June 2019 to Thursday 27 June 2019
Launch Friday 14 June 2019, 6:00 -9:00pm

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Published by Off the Kerb Gallery on Thursday 06 June 2019.
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WINTER DAYS 2019 group show

Winter Days is a group exhibition of a collection of creative responses on the themes surrounding the season of winter. Winter signifies a time of hibernation, introversion, introspection, foraging, going within… Winter is represented through colour and hue – primarily blues and greys. Winter is depicted through light and varying shades of darkness. For some of us, winter is about sitting in front of a fire with mulled wine and a couple of cats!

Musicians in history have written songs about winter symbolising tumultuous relationships, heartbreak, and lamentation. Artists in history painted wintery scenes using nature to mirror human emotions.

In Greek mythology, Demeter, the goddess of the Earth created winter. In Persian mythology the winter solstice symbolised birth and has been celebrated for thousands of years. In Welsh mythology, a battle between mythological lovers represented the contest between summer and winter.

Liz Gridley | Ryan Pola | Abyss | Brian Cheung | Simon Beuve | Hayden Dewar | Chris Costa | Bec Armstrong | Luke Rion | Caitlin Rigby | MACHINEGUN DEV | Basak Savcigil | Andrew Laba | Dominic Taranto | Emily Wright | Lucy Wood | Aude Lassalle | Irene Torres | J Forsyth | Matthew McGrath | Jo Murphy | Victoria Clare Gray | Julee Latimer | Kylie Sirett | Erin Michelle | Sally Zurbo | 2CHOEY | Cathy Yarwood-Mahy | Manda Lane | Marley Myles | Annelise Forster | Jack Howell | Meg Kolac | Natasha Paras | Oniism | Sarah Lightfoot | Brodie Colbourne | Neha Gupte | Sophie Lesin | Tegan Iversen thepeatreecollective | BENK | Conrad Square | Patricia Leone | Aaron Condon | Zac Grenfell | Deb J Marshall | Leah Hume | Sara Flexmore


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