Matt Earle: breakdancethedawn

BLINDSIDE Sound Series 2019

BLINDSIDE SOUND SERIES 2019 is curated by Patrick O’Brien in partnership with LIQUID ARCHITECTURE

Art Exhibition previously on at BLINDSIDE in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 26 June 2019 to Saturday 13 July 2019
Launch Thursday 27 June 2019, 6-8pm

Matt Earle: breakdancethedawn image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 11 June 2019.
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Fuck the market. Fuck your career and however many hits on your YouTube channel. People come together to play music, share time, eat curry, drink booze.

Every year since 2014 BLINDSIDE has invited Liquid Architecture to organise an exhibition under the banner ‘Sound Series’ by artists working in experimental ways with sound and listening. Following incredible shows by Anthony Riddell, Félicia Atkinson, and Gerard Crewdson, among others, we’re proud to announce that the 2019 Sound Series will be a first ever solo exhibition by artist and musician Matt Earle.

Matt is a legendary figure in Australian experimental music circles, known for his bands (including Stasis Duo, xnobbqx, Club Sound Witches), his founding of hotbed communal noise spaces (like Real Bad Music and Life Groove), and for his bewitchingly-unclassifiable label imprint Breakdance the Dawn that has released hundreds of cassettes by Australian artists all packaged in Matt’s signature black-and-white photocopied style.

Although Matt is most known (although not well known) for his music, we consider his work as a total aesthetic encompassing visual as well as sonic and other terrains. We’re excited to see and hear what he does with an exhibition.

To help usher the show into being, and to keep up comms with Matt – who lives with his partner artist and musician Nicola Morton, off-grid in Hunter Valley, NSW – we’ve invited Melbourne underground music personality Patrick O’Brien to take on the responsibility as guest curator. Pat has championed Mat’s music over many years through his radio show O’Tomorrow on Triple R and his various underground record stores (Sunshine and Grease, AG Picks). Thanks to Patrick and Matt for taking this on.

Here’s what Patrick has to say about Matt Earle.

Matt and his breakdancethedawn label – which he started back in the mid 90’s with a garbage bag of recycled tapes that had previously been used to hold audio-readings for the blind – are closer to the tradition of folk music and folk culture than anything we recognise as the music industry. “Folk” simply being things that happen with the purpose of serving folk, and not the market; largely unorganised and undocumented things that are there as a result of humans simply being there. Fuck the market. Fuck your career and however many hits on your YouTube channel. People come together to play music, share time, eat curry, drink booze.

Matt’s work doesn’t resist attention but it certainly doesn’t go begging for it, as most things are designed to do in an economy so competitive and desperate that if you’re not on the take your validity is questioned. The fact that most music focused community radio in this country doesn’t even know of this label’s existence is somewhat disturbing to me as, you guessed it, 90 percent of the broadcasting very unimaginatively, serves the market. Is that all there is? Clearly, that is not all there is. But I doubt that Matt is losing any sleep over it.

Matt Earle: breakdancethedawn is an exhibition curated by Pat O’Brien, presented by Liquid Architecture and BLINDSIDE as part of Sound Series 2019.