INVITATION: Exhibitions Opening On Thursday 13 June 2019

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE OPENING RECEPTION OPENING : Thursday 13 June at 6-8 pm. EXHIBITION : Wed 12 - Sun 23 June, 2019

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 12 June 2019 to Sunday 23 June 2019

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SPACE 1: Group Show
The Age Of Absurdity

‘The Age Of Absurdity’ delivers collage based print works by Elisa Bryant, Joel Morrison, Kevala Buttonshaw and Linda Dacio.
These four Melbourne based artists work with collage for this exhibition to portray the notion of absurdity; a play on the wildly unreasonable.
Each artist characterises this concept with a contrasting aesthetic, illustrating hints of surrealism, dadaism and avant-garde whilst giving a nod to the renaissance. They intertwine and position layers of imagery to create intrigue in the viewer.
As Kevala states ‘The work deals with paradox, putting unrelated elements together to create new meaning’.
The imagery is a taken from vintage and contemporary magazines, books, and in Elisa’s case… vintage knitting patterns.
Each work piece invites the viewer to open their imagination and take a journey into the various relatable though unimaginable worlds the artists have created.

SPACE 2 : Descendants
Clare Steele

Descendants is inspired by the connections between Spain and Ireland, through the tales of Milesians, the sons of Míl Espáine, and migration across the water. The Sons sailed to Ireland from Spain, settled the land and became known as the Gaels; from whom the Irish descend. The work is concerned with the myths and legends of both countries and those journeys which never wither from memory and result in folklore. With a focus on memory and belonging to a place while engaging with the movement of people over time; the promise of the new while trying to hold onto the past. There is an everlasting quest to find the familiar within the foreign, to connect with our surroundings through what we recognise and can relate to, rather then the unknown. This series attempts to understand the soul’s yearning to see, feel and touch the world around us while also longing to keep the recognisable near and never let go of home.

SPACE 3: In Darkness We Dance

‘In Darkness We Dance’ is my first exhibition outside of Indonesia. My work blends ethnic culture and pop culture in the form of stencil art. I’m drawn to the inherent movement represented in dance and so my work most often depicts forms of South-East Asian traditional dance juxtaposed with pop cultural figures. I’m also drawn to humour in art and so my work often contains a joke or sense of irony. This collection of stencil works has been developed over a number of years and has become synonymous with my style, which can be found on the streets of Bali.


BlackCat Gallery
95 Johnston St, Collingwood 3066
Wed-Sat 12:00 – 5:00 pm
Sun. 12:00 – 4:00 pm
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