Off the Kerb's July Exhibitions

ENTRY IS FREE! Beer and Wine $5

Art Exhibition previously on at Off the Kerb Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 18 July 2019 to Thursday 01 August 2019
Launch Friday 19 July 2019, 6:00 -9:00pm

Off the Kerb's July Exhibitions image Off the Kerb's July Exhibitions image Off the Kerb's July Exhibitions image

Published by Off the Kerb Gallery on Thursday 11 July 2019.
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FRONT GALLERY : : PHANTOM by Mitchell Asquith

The paintings in Phantom capture the witness of time passing. Each figure is ensnared within a continuously changing reality, broken down by the present and re cast through the traces left by memory.

Tension is inherent in the work. The shattered surface reflects an ambiguous landscape of appearances yet reveals the vulnerable subject that cannot be fully devoured by its fluctuating reality. The individual cannot fully disappear.

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SIDE GALLERY : : LINEAR by Dominic Taranto

‘Linear’ is the most recent work by Melbourne based artist and muralist Dominic Taranto, a journey into the study of line work. For Dominic the technique of drawing lines to create art is a simplification of materials yet allows for the opportunity to create complex imagery. Along with pastel colour, geometric shapes and patterns he elevates line work to a more modern space.

‘ We adore chaos because we love to produce order.’ – Escher.

Line work has been a foundational tool since the beginning. How can something so simple be so hard to master? Because the possibilities are limitless and this is Dominic’s beginning.

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This series of illustrations attempts to observe a society living within the city of Melbourne during large scale infrastructural changes, which are currently taking place, in an attempt to bring to light the effect these changes have on the citizen’s approach to urban life, while identifying whatever friction these changes may impose on ones sense of place and ability to adapt to change.
Through negative space, the drawings imply an emerging city coming into being, a new face and personality to contend with the demands of the 21st century. A city continually alluding an uncertain future and an undefined present.


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