Curated by Chris Costa

ENTRY IS FREE! Beer and Wine $5

Art Exhibition previously on at Off the Kerb Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 18 July 2019 to Thursday 01 August 2019
Launch Friday 19 July 2019, 6:00 -9:00pm


Published by Off the Kerb Gallery on Thursday 11 July 2019.
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Benjamin Coombs // Chris Costa // Brigit Maher // Conrad Square

Off the Kerb invites you to “No Hard Feelings”; a group show where four artists were selected for each of their distinctive perspectives on the role of human emotions in art. Each of the artists work in different media and individual colour palettes ranging from computer generated art to acrylic on canvas, yet they share similarities in concepts and the emotions you feel when viewing each piece.

Based in Melbourne, Benjamin Coombs is inspired from decades of varied interests & experiences whether it be 80s skateboard graphics, vintage signs & secondhand stores, day to day life and the dilemmas of human existence. Typography often creeps into Benjamin’s work in various forms & his love of the “warts & all” blemishes or mistakes that can often create that finishing touch to a particular piece. Inspirations in the art world are the classics like Basquiat & Warhol through to contemporaries like Mike Giant, Wes Lang, & Marty Baptist.

Chris Costa is a young freelance creative working as a graphic designer, owner/operator of Badlands Brand and exhibiting artist in Melbourne. Generating work from his home studio with the assistance of his canine design team, Chris takes inspiration from designers like Aaron Draplin, tattoo artist Clare Hampshire, sreet artist Shepard Fairey, not necessarily for their style but for the key principles that they all use. Bold Lines and strong attention to detail. A small timer doing big things with a love for bold and simplistic design. Heavy doses of caffeine, hard work and music get him through each day.

Brigit Maher is a Melbourne based artist, photographer, and illustrator. Currently studying Textile Design at RMIT, Brigit takes inspiration from her surroundings to produce her work. Utilizing empty space and a selective colour palette alongside everyday objects and places, she endeavors to redefine her normally familiar subject matter by changing the context in which it exists. Her work tackles topics such as mental health, relationships and identity. Brigit has self-published an array of zines, as well as contributing content to other publications. She has also won multiple awards for her photography work.

Conrad Squares’ signature style, pairs a unique composition of big-eared, helmet wearing robots in a system of numbers, shapes, and typography. This vivid cast of mechanical characters are vessels to push topics such as sociology, consumerism, and individuality in the 21st century. The words and numbers found in his painting are all derived from the streets of his hometown in Melbourne. These additional details compliment his pop-art style with the likes of “street-collage” and appropriation techniques.


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