INVITATION: Exhibitions Opening On Thursday 25 July 2019

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE OPENING RECEPTION OPENING : Thursday 25 July at 6-8 pm. EXHIBITION : Wed 24 July - Sun 4 Aug, 2019

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 24 July 2019 to Sunday 04 August 2019
Launch Thursday 25 July 2019, 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

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Published by anonymous on Monday 22 July 2019.
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SPACE 1: Entwined
Bronni Krieger

Entwined introduces portraiture into Bronni’s otherwise animal world. Her ideas have developed from an adoration of the skill and mastery of the old masters. Of particular interest to her is the parrot used in Dutch genre paintings of the seventeenth century.

In the golden age of the newly independent Dutch republic, exotic and rare birds were imported for the wealthy and elite. Birds such as Parrots, Toucans and Birds of paradise were conspicuous symbols of prosperity, but became much more than that. They were a much loved and pampered member of the family.

Bronni’s present work merges the opulent 17th century European fashions with her love of Australian native birds of the present day. Each painting holds a more intimate, symbolic meaning as some of these works embody members of her own family.

SPACE 2 : Performing Fetishism ll
Samantha Clark

Clark’s work is situated somewhere between almost tasteful and exceptionally vulgar, best known for her large scale serpentine-like graphite compositions of people fucking.
Her singular vision foregrounds the voyeuristic nature of modern life and the intricacies of subcultural fetishism to explore the nature of human sexuality.

Her Master of Fashion (Design) project saw the inception of ‘Performing Fetishism’, a project that meditates on post-fetish design and the disintegration of subcultural style markers.
The second instalment is a forced collision between puritanical views on sex present in Victorian era flower dictionaries and our current obsession with BDSM culture. And questions, how do we decide when an object is to be regarded as fetish or as merely aesthetic?

Fetishist subculture is so heavily reliant on coded messaging, whether it be the Master’s cap or the submissive’s collar.
The physiognomy and symbolic register of flowers coupled with the superimposed pornographic imagery, harks back to the idea that social relations have become so oversaturated with information in the form of shifting cultural signs and simulations that style meanings are unable to stabilise.

SPACE 3 : Primal Power of the Wild She-Beast
Sue Llewelyn

Modern society has lost the balance between masculine and feminine.While today we live in a patriarchal, male-dominated world, in ancient times the feminine was valued for its creative and life-giving power.
My sculptures focus on the shared attributes of nature and the feminine. Both are life-giving forces intrinsically linked to the process of creation.

The materials I use in my sculptures are found in the natural world. I work with these elements to form expressions of my place on this earth as a woman.I create nude female figures that challenge currently accepted ideals of beauty and embody a strength that is raw and primitive. They explore the battle for balance between our male and female aspects and so excavate the wilder depths of our nature. My art draws influence from fertility figures made by ancient cultures.
The sculptures I create are intended to bring a renewed focus to these aspects of the feminine archetype.
The feminine perspective is sensing the world, aligning head and heart, and the valuing of nature and its cycles. ‘Primal Power of the Wild

She-Beast’ celebrates creation, strength and intuition.
Repeat after me: I am the wild she-beast. I have the primal power that is ready to explode!


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