(v.) ‘To fit something for some purpose’

Artists: Liv Boyle, Nicky Hepburn and Belinda Newick

Art Exhibition previously on at RMIT Intersect in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 30 August 2019 to Saturday 28 September 2019
Launch Thursday 29 August 2019, 5-7pm

Liv Boyle, Untitled, 2018, found object (beach washed iPhone screen), 160 x 80 x 10 mm. Image courtesy the artist. image

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Currently there are more unused mobile phones per head of population in Australia. Research in sustainable practice continues to question the methods of reclaiming, reusing and recycling materials in a global economy based on built-in obsolescence.

In response to the proliferation of e-waste globally and in consideration of the processing of recyclates artists Nicky Hepburn, Liv Boyle and Belinda Newick will explore and repurpose materials of e-waste into jewellery and objects.


Spare Room Gallery, RMIT building 94, level 2, room 2, 23-27 Cardigan Street, Carlton, VIC