Collision Drive 3

Kez Hughes, Hiroe Komai , Stephania Leigh, Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Laurence Noga, Steven Rendall, Benet Spencer, Bronte Mae Webster, with text by Jack Willet.

Collision Drive 3 addresses the relationship between painting, collage and life through presenting artworks that collide imagistic obsessions with material tendencies. Copying, hybridity, research and faults in translation are evident, prioritising the processes involved and how painting has strangely thrived despite the shifting grounds of the 21st Century.

Art Exhibition previously on at RMIT Intersect in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 11 October 2019 to Saturday 09 November 2019
Launch Thursday 10 October 2019, 5-7pm

Collision Drive 3 image

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Sometime in 2017 Benet Spencer (London) and Steven Rendall (Melbourne) noted curious synergies in their recent paintings, synergies characterised by processes of making paintings, particularly in relation to the sourcing, mirroring and re-positioning of pre-existing images.

Each artist works with various categories of images, built up around key subjects, with fictitious re-combinations a common theme. Each artist is interested in how the process of combining and colliding fragments of images can be articulated through painting. What does the imperfect and slippery medium of painting do to images? What might an artist want from painting in relation to the sourcing and re-positioning of pre-existing images?

These synergies suggested a project leading to a series of exhibitions staged across hemispheres and years. How might practices be highlighted in relation to the synergies noted in Spencer and Rendall’s work? Many artists use their practices to tap into the expanding swirl of images that gathers around us – Collision Drive 3 functions to illuminate a slither of these practices.

Kez Hughes [AUS], Hiroe Komai [UK], Stephania Leigh [AUS], Andrea Medjesi-Jones [UK], Laurence Noga [UK], Steven Rendall [AUS], Benet Spencer [UK], Bronte Mae Webster [AUS], Jack Willet [AUS].

This project is supported by University of the Arts London, Anglia Ruskin University, University of Lincoln, Cambridge School of Art and Niagara Galleries.


PROJECT SPACE SPARE ROOM / Building 94, Level 2 (Ground), Room 1. 23-27 Cardigan Street, Carlton, VIC, 3053.