INVITATION : Exhibitions Opening On Thursday 3 Oct 2019

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE OPENING RECEPTION OPENING : Thursday 3 Oct at 6-8 pm. EXHIBITION : Wed 2 Oct - Sun 13 Oct, 2019

Art Exhibition previously on at BlackCat Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 02 October 2019 to Sunday 13 October 2019
Launch Thursday 03 October 2019, 6:00-8:00 pm.

INVITATION : Exhibitions Opening On Thursday 3 Oct  2019 image INVITATION : Exhibitions Opening On Thursday 3 Oct  2019 image INVITATION : Exhibitions Opening On Thursday 3 Oct  2019 image INVITATION : Exhibitions Opening On Thursday 3 Oct  2019 image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 26 September 2019.
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SPACE 1: Quiet
Laura Williams

Quiet is a series of watercolour paintings by Laura Williams that capture quiet moments of beauty within the environment. Each work focuses in on the calming, intricate and elemental effects of nature and is a hopeful celebration of the habitat we need to look after. Stopping and looking closely, capturing moments and growing things feel like a small but positive way forward.

Laura Williams is an artist from Western Australia, now based in Melbourne. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Western Australia in 2007 and her work explores our relationship with the natural world. Laura’s work has been exhibited throughout Australia, including Hatched 07 : National Graduate Show; the Black Swan Heritage Prize, the Elaine Bermingham National Watercolour Prize in Landscape Painting and the 2018 Heysen Prize for Landscape. In 2017 she was an artist in residence at Studio Kura in Itoshima, Japan.

Tina Coxall

An Abstract aerial view of Port Philip Bay and St Kilda foreshore exhibiting a rowdy palette has been created using a chaotic methodology, depicting the constant metamorphose of a modern world. Lavish amounts of homemade rabbit skin gesso have been applied layer after layer to wood panels. This method has provided a base that can be slashed, etched and burrowed into, with each mark symbolizing nature’s mastery and human interference. All is held together with a formula of rich buttery oil paint, a splash of linseed and a smear of bees wax providing a tenacious yet fragile blend.

Macroscopic and microscopic viewing of a metamorphic subject provides inspiration in creating a medley of abstract landscapes and abstract cellular vistas. Fine line ink, rust, coffee and salt stain, with a splash of colour provides an explosion of abstracted microscopic cellular landscapes portrayed through works on paper. Even the most poignant cells have an untamed beauty. With every gaze into the art works, one is able to detect new and surprising markings that continue to depict the never ending metamorphic Medley within Country and its essence.

SPACE 3: Tough to Swallow
Chloe Dann

Inherently ambiguous in its manifestation, food’s interest lies within the domestication of nature and its sense of otherness, a source of disruption to the body’s equilibrium.

This work is part of a series investigating the symbolic and sensuous nature of the consumed. The images employ tensions embedded within dichotomies that have underpinned culture throughout history, while using surrealism to subvert expectations and generate new perspectives.

Referencing the still life alongside the human body, the work explores the carnality and corporeality in our eating habits, and the relationship between nature and culture, concentrating on culture’s triumph over nature through ritual culinary intervention alongside western contemporary notions of propriety.


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