Stacks and Sleeves: A Posthuman Landscape

Co-curated by Rachael Kiang (Gallery Lane Cove) and George Adams (Galerie pompom)

Also at Gallery Lane Cove, 16 October - 9 November 2019

Art Exhibition previously on at Galerie pompom in New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 30 October 2019 to Sunday 24 November 2019
Launch Wednesday 30 October 2019, 6-8pm

Karolina Partyka, Iron: Invocation image Alex Munt & Justin Harvey, THE RETURN image David Greenhalgh, The Eyes of the Power Company image Ella Barclay with Nadège Desgenétez, Active Promoters of Error i (boob bongs) image Elena Knox, Canny image Harley Ives, Suspension 1 image Svenja Kratz, Divided Together #2 image Tristan Chant, Parasite #2 image

Published by Galerie pompom on Tuesday 15 October 2019.
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Stacks and Sleeves: A Posthuman Landscape

Alex Munt & Justin Harvey, David Greenhalgh, Ella Barclay, Elena Knox, Harley Ives, Karolina Partyka, Svenja Kratz, Tristan Chant

Inspired by Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon, this media arts exhibition conceived by Rachael Kiang and curated in partnership with George Adams explores key Posthuman elements of real and imagined futures, including but not limited to human augmentation, extension of human life with digital, bio technologies and space travel. Stacks and Sleeves: A Posthuman Landscape spans Galerie pompom and Gallery Lane Cove with eight artists and different artworks featured at both venues.

First instalment opening at Gallery Lane Cove this Wednesday 16 October, 6-8pm
Second instalment opening at Galerie pompom on Wednesday 30 October, 6-8pm

16 October, 5.30-6.15pm at Gallery Lane Cove
Roundtable discussion: Posthumanism: A Technofeminist Perspective

2 November, 11am-5pm at Gallery Lane Cove – Lo-Fi Sci-Fi art market

7 November, 5-5.30 pm at Gallery Lane Cove – Guided exhibition tour

7 November, 5.30-7.30pm at Lane Cove Library – Film screening: Alita Battle Angel

9 November, 11am-12 pm at Gallery Lane Cove
Panel discussion: Technology and Being Human: Posthumanism vs Transhumanism

14 November, 5-7pm at Bon Marche Studio, UTS Building 3, 755 Harris St, Ultimo
Film screening: Under the Skin

Stacks and Sleeves: A Posthuman Landscape
Gallery Lane Cove
16 October – 9 November 2019
Opening night Wednesday 16 October, 6-8pm
Galerie pompom
30 October – 24 November 2019
Opening night Wednesday 30 October, 6-8pm

Exhibition essays by Jaime Tsai and Rachael Kiang on the Galerie pompom website
A full colour printed catalogue will be available from both galleries