EBV Makers Market

East Brunswick Village hosts its final Makers Market of the year - it's your chance to get your hands on original pieces of art from an eclectic group of local creatives.

Art Event previously on at Zilla & Brook in Australia.
From Saturday 14 December 2019 to Saturday 14 December 2019

Published by anonymous on Friday 15 November 2019.
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Lucile Sciallano of La petite fabrique de Brunswick has brought together an eclectic range of maker friends to put on the last East Brunswick Village Makers Market of the year, set for Saturday 14 December at the EBV Display Suite.

This will be the last chance to snatch up original artworks, samples and one-offs from local artisans and makers.

The EBV Makers Market will include unique ceramics by Alterfact, La petite fabrique de Brunswick, Mountain Design and Yiyang Lee, one-of-a-kind baskets made out of marine debris by Megan Nicolson, handcrafted animals by Jess McCaughe, jewellery by FLECT and Vikki Kassioras and more.


143 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick