Hendrik Kolenberg + Evan Salmon at MAY SPACE

- Urbanscapes, 2020

MAY SPACE is proud to present our first exhibitions for 2020, with Hendrik Kolenberg + Evan Salmon, 'Urbanscapes'.

Art Exhibition previously on at MAY SPACE in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 29 January 2020 to Sunday 16 February 2020

At the traffic lights, corner Rutledge Street and Shaftsbury Road, Eastwood image Cranescape, Rotterdam image Parked truck I (Port Kembla) image View of Lake Illawarra (from Mount Warrigal) image

Published by MAY SPACE on Tuesday 04 February 2020.
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Evan Salmon and Hendrik Kolenberg share an interest in making paintings of their suburban environment – streets & traffic, houses & rooftops, cranes, telegraph poles & wheelie bins, domestic and industrial settings, the working harbour, parkland & waterways. They find their subjects in the familiar everyday or commonplace, the city & suburbs as well as further afield. For Evan that includes landscape near at hand; for Hendrik, Rotterdam, his birthplace. It isn’t place that matters to them as much as the power of light to transform, intensify or surprise them.

This selection of recent paintings features subjects close to home for each of them, around Warrawong, south of Sydney and Eastwood in Sydney’s north west, each typical of modern urbanism and its unencumbered spread north, south and west of metropolitan Sydney. Painting En Plein Air has preoccupied Evan for some years now, while Hendrik constructs his paintings from drawings and studies in pen & ink, charcoal and oil on paper.

Evan and Hendrik draw together (which is how their friendship developed) and with others but painting is a private occupation for them. This is their first exhibition together.