Nothing Is Promised

Stockroom, Kyneton

‘Nothing Is Promised’ explores the language around us reflecting on the promises we make ourselves as individuals and as a society.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Saturday 13 June 2020 to Sunday 05 July 2020
Launch Saturday 13 June 2020, TBC

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 03 March 2020.
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During a year where between bushfires and COVID 19 we are increasingly being forced to confront the ways in which we live Michelle Hamer’s artwork allows us to confront the everyday language and messages embedded around us.

‘Nothing Is Promised’ is a darkly humorous venture into language reflecting the promises we make ourselves as individuals and as a society. The slowness of Hamer’s hand-stitched and drawn work allows us to be present in otherwise fleeting moments. It is analogue and digital, personal and political, deeply philosophical and yet completely off beat as it connects to the moments we all experience. Hamer’s practice is a collection of her own and found language forming a social archive over time.

Works in this show include moments from contested borders and urban spaces, cries for help from our streets and pavements and state sanctioned instructions reminding us of our choices.


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