Gelareh Pour’s Garden

Playing alongside Brian O’Dwyer, Mike Gallichio and Kelly Dowall

Gelareh Pour’s Garden will feature an ensemble of talented musicians performing unique Iranian-Australian music at the historic Kew Court House on Saturday 21 March. Gelareh and her band will perform a contemporary blend of both old and new music for a night of blissfully diverse sounds.

Art Performance previously on at Zilla & Brook in Australia.
From Saturday 21 March 2020 to Saturday 21 March 2020

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 04 March 2020.
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Playing alongside Brian O’Dwyer, Mike Gallichio and Kelly Dowall, Gelareh will perform music that draws on her personal experiences across two cultures; Iranian and Australian. Audiences will hear ancient Persian melodic lines with modern sensibility, exploring the duality of multiculturalism and the connection of sound, regardless of place. Gelareh will fuse elements of world music and indie post-rock, with dark ambient and romantic tones over two sets, playing the Persian kamancheh and supplying lead vocals sung in Farsi.

Iranian-born, Gelareh has performed throughout Europe and Iran and is now based in Melbourne, Australia. Since arriving in Australia she has collaborated with some of the country’s most innovative and experimental musicians. Gelareh released her debut album in 2013, comprising an eclectic mixture of tones that focus on new connections found in Australia. Her most recent album Garden Quartet Debut Album was released in 2019 and presents the collaborative sounds of her fellow band members.

The performance will comprise Dowall’s Turkish clarinet and Persian dayereh skills, O’Dwyer’s drumming aptitude and Gallichio’s impressive handling of piano, electric guitar and backing vocals. A respected composer and singer, Gelareh will showcase her striking vocals over the enchantingly beautiful instrumentals.


Kew Court House, 188 High St, Kew