Landscapes and Waterscapes 2020 Online Juried Exhibition

Camelback Gallery presents the award winners in this Online Exhibition. Thank you to all of the artists that participated in this event. Congratulations to the Award Winners. The CB Team.

The artists that participated in this event were juried and selected for the online exhibition.

Art Exhibition previously on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Tuesday 23 June 2020 to Tuesday 22 September 2020

Landscapes and Waterscapes Exhibition image

Published by Camelback Gallery on Tuesday 23 June 2020.
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Timeline for this event:
June 18, 2020 Award announcement goes to the participants of this event via e-mail
June 18, 2020 Online Exhibition of award winners artwork begins
June 18, 2020 Best in Show’s artist piece is featured on Camelback Gallery’s main page slider
June 19, 2020 E-Blast announcement goes to all Camelback Gallery’s artists and subscribers
June 20, 2020 Facebook post of all award winners with all social and URL link backs included (Follow us on FB)
June 21, 2020 Instagram post of Best in Show, Award of Excellence & Merit Award winners (Follow us on Instagram)
June 22, 2020 Award winners receive official award certificate via e-mail
June 23, 2020 Best in Show and Award of Excellence are included as Camelback Gallery Featured Artists at The Art Guide
June 23, 2020 Listing of this event is added to Camelback Gallery’s Exhibitions at The Art Guide
June 24, 2020 Best of Show is awarded a free 3-month listing on Camelback Gallery’s Featured Artist Page
June 25, 2020 Best in Show’s winning art piece is digitally registered at ArtChain.Info
June 26, 2020 Best in Show published as news at and
June 26, 2020 Exhibition published as event at and
June 25, 2020 Best in Show receives cash award