5 artists responses to these exceptional times SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Mandy Burgess Sarah Fitzgerald Michelle Le Dain Nicola McClelland Ro Murray

XROADS was conceived prior to the COVID19 pandemic and anticipates aspects of the current world situation . Change and uncertainty are all around us and the road we thought was clearly laid out has disappeared. This exhibiton reveals points of intersection, divergence and changing circumstances across sculpture, printmaking, the moving image, photography and installation.

Art Exhibition previously on at Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Other Metro Sydney precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 05 August 2020 to Sunday 16 August 2020

Call and Response 2020 image Roadworks by Michelle Le Dain image Roadworks by Michelle Le Dain image Blue/Green, Pink/Shot, Yellow/Blue image Roadworks by Michelle Le Dain & Pink/Shot image Heartbeats 2020 by Ro Murray image Heartbeats 2020 by Ro Murray image Heartbeats 2020 by Ro Murray image Savoir by Sarah Fitzgerald image Savoir by Sarah Fitzgerald image Savoir by Sarah Fitzgerald image Circling Back and Stair by Sarah Fitzgerald image Two Chairs Green by Mandy Burgess image Two Chairs Pink by Mandy Burgess image Two Chairs  by Mandy Burgess image Call and Response 2020 image Another Day: Day 66  by Nicola McClelland image LIstening to Life By Nicola McClelland image Beyond Measure by Nicola McClelland image Call and Response 2020 image Call and Response 2020 image Call and Response 2020 & Heartbeats image Call and Response 2020 & Heartbeats image Heartbeats Circling Back and Roadworks image Two Chairs Green & Savoir image Roadworks by Michelle Le Dain  image

Published by Nicola McClelland on Tuesday 11 August 2020.
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The five artists reflect on the impact of change individually and as global citizens. This is an exceptional time for artists to exhibit and exchange ideas through artistic practice.

The artists are: Mandy Burgess, Sarah Fitzgerald, Michelle Le Dain, Nicola McClelland and Ro Murray.
Thursday to Sunday 11am to 4pm until August 16 at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

Mandy Burgess
mandybur@gmail.com @mandybur
During these last few months all aspects of our lives have been upturned. In her work Two Chairs Burgess binds together two domestic chairs in various ways and photographs them in a domestic space. In doing so, she reflects on the weirdness and anxiety of this time: the compression of the boundaries between our different modes of being into the domestic, the hyperawareness of physical space, and the new problematic of human affection and physical communication between people.

Sarah Fitzgerald
sarahfitzgeraldshaw@gmail.com @sarah.fitzgeraldd www.sarahfitzgerald.net/
As we face being restricted in our movements and locked down at home, Fitzgerald considers how we long for the ability to wander, to be at the crossroad with many paths to choose from. She considers the ways in which we transition through the spaces that we build for shelter, and the idea of ‘moving through’ or being ‘on the way’ rather than having arrived at a place to dwell. She uses stairs, ramps and doors as symbols for the way we exist in the liminal space between places. The work made for XROADS, has drawn on the gallery space itself, and brings attention to the stairs, doors, and corners. She also makes reference to the famous Le Corbusier house Villa Savoy, as it is a building where the beauty exists in the transitional spaces and structures. Existing between places rather than having arrived is what interests Fitzgerald, and with this work she celebrates the freedom that comes with transience.

Michelle Le Dain
michelleledain@gmail.com @michelleledain
The work made by Le Dain for XROADS, reflects the energy of being at a crossroad in life, in location, in self, and in practice. The colour, the image, the construction all express a state of being, from quiet to loud, imagined to simplistic, common to complex. She contemplates how we exist in this crazy bubble we currently live in, all around the world.

Le Dain uses digital collage to experiment with road markings in her ongoing Roadworks Project. Playing with found line and colour she uses her indoor studio space to engage directly with the outside world. Using her iPhone and digital media, she has continued to find, follow, and photograph different painted road markings all over the world, from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Montreal, and France to Sydney and Melbourne. She deconstructs man-made features in our landscape and through memory, reconstructs in her singular visual language.

For XROADS, the installation of the individual works are connected by a single yellow road marking line. The act of connecting (as in the physical work of creating these works) represents the state of being connected (as in the personal connection to each city town place and memory) and has evolved spontaneously through process and sequence.

Nicola McClelland
nicolamcc@iimetro.com.au @nicola.mcc www.nicolamcclelland.com
In 2020 we require new ways to navigate and adjust to the world. Even the fundamental questions of how we live and move arise, and how do we make art? Our physical and psychological states have been impacted in ways that are unparalleled. McClelland’s practice has shifted to one where she uses text and language addressing and questioning these exceptional times.

In response to COVID19 there has been an inundation of new language from government, media and personal realms. In Call and Response 2020, paired words that would usually sit in close proximity to each other, are separated and pushed to the margins of the work. Words of instruction, flickers of hope, evocations of emotions triggered by communications received from friends in places heavily impacted by the pandemic, compress and expand throughout her work. Through a process of visual/verbal mapping, the artist gives voice to an essence of these extraordinary times.

Ro Murray
ro@romurray.com.au @romurray www.romurray.com.au
By March this year the world had changed globally and personally which affected Murray’s art practice, and a shift in her colour palette developed. Black was replaced with yellow and blue, and red was played-off against pale blue and pink. As months went by accompanied by music, the series Riff in Prussian Blue developed at the printing press. There is a reference of what it is to feel blue, tinted with warmth and the suggestion of renewal. HEARTBEATS* is a selection of suites of those lino prints where colour interaction and musical associations produce syncopated visual rhythms around a central motif.

*Jose Gonzales, track 4 Veneer 2003, Imperial Recordings


Chrisse Cotter Gallery, Camperdown, Sydney, AUSTRALIA