Paulo Delgado | Solo Exhibition Series

Camelback Gallery presents their newest jury selected artist for the season's Online Solo Exhibition Series.

Artist Locale: Winnipeg, MB, Canada Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Art Exhibition previously on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Friday 01 January 2021 to Sunday 28 February 2021

Paulo Delgado image

Published by Camelback Gallery on Sunday 03 January 2021.
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Paulo’s statement about this series:

“With a 20-year career in Graphic Design, my paintings reflect my acquired habits in this profession. I’m a self-taught painter and never received any formal training. I like the simplification of form and the shapes taken in a poster-like feeling. Painting for me is a stress reliever which allows me to relax and find balance in my everyday life. I want to tell stories through my painting. In this case, the stories of our ancestors and the landscapes in a simple and graphic manner.” Paulo