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Camelback Gallery Featured Artist

Thea applied for Camelback Gallery's Featured Artist Designation. Her artwork was juried and selected for this one-year online residency.

Art Exhibition currently on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Tuesday 02 February 2021 to Monday 31 January 2022

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Published by Camelback Gallery on Tuesday 02 February 2021.
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Artist Locale: Leissigen, Bern, Switzerland
Style of work: Hyperrealism
Subject matter: Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers
Medium: Pastel

“The painting process itself is a meditation for me. Immersed in the smallest details, the painting disintegrates for me into areas of color and tonal values and only with the step back does the big picture reveal itself. As in real life, the angle of view is decisive. In the last year the topic “food” has attracted more and more my interest. Food is essential. It affects every human being. What comes on a person’s table defines who he is and how he lived. If you know a person’s diet, you can most likely tell what his or her state of health, financial situation and where his or her home is. A person’s menu says more about him than a passport. Food is identity and connects." Thea