Visual Arts Group Exhibition | Artist Choice VI

Camelback Gallery presents the award recipients in this Online Group Exhibition. Thank you to all of the artists that participated in this event.

The artwork for this exhibition was selected by Jury from Camelback Gallery's Artist Choice VI International Visual Arts Competition. The selection of artwork and awards by category were chosen based on the number of entries into the competition and into each category, technical skill, quality of work, originality and the criteria for this event.

Art Exhibition previously on at Camelback Gallery in United States.
From Friday 19 February 2021 to Tuesday 18 May 2021

Diana Fernández image

Published by Camelback Gallery on Friday 19 February 2021.
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Artist represented in this show are from the countries, USA, Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Iceland, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Italy & Switzerland.

Best in Show Platinum Award
Diana Fernández

Gold Award of Excellence in Painting/Mixed Media
Cher Pruys

Gold Award of Excellence in Photography
Oksana Moroziuk

Gold Award of Excellence in Sculpture
Robert Irwin Wolf

Gold Award of Excellence in Drawing
Paco Martín

Gold Award of Excellence in Digital Painting
Jan Donley

Sliver Awards
Edgar Ruesga, Sage Delio, Johnny Guthrie, Kristina Zvinakeviciute, Simona Zecca, Dora Patin, Joey Schmidt-Muller, Michelle Reeves

Bronze Awards
Harsha Rodage, Pamela L Jonas, Lillianne Daigle, Kelley Batson Howard, Diane Morgan, Natali Vega, Cameron Scott, Kathy Snapp, Devin DePamphilis, Sheldon Goldman, Shawna Hinkel, James Wachira, Yue Zeng, Eleni Mokas, Robert Irwin Wolf, Lisa Cain, Eirdis, Madison Leon, Michele Bourdeau, Connie Rogers, Phil N Leith-Tetrault, Edwin Suarez, Jan Lowe, Eric Stentaford